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Pests found on your premises can prove very costly to your business.

Pests can destroy your company’s hard won reputation, strain staff relations, negatively affect sales, cause damage to stock and spread disease.

Wellington Pest Management is the leading name in effective commercial pest control and industrial pest control in the Wellington Region. We will customise a preventative pest programme for any business type.

We specialise in pest programmes for businesses associated with the food industry, including Food Safety and HACCP. Our documentation and report writing has been audited and accepted by Local Councils and Assure Quality.

We also tailor pest programmes for schools, child-care centres, retirement villages, hotels, backpackers, offices, workshops, government agencies, non-food retailers, warehouses, manufacturing plants, construction sites and many other business types. , and carry out regular site visits through the year.

Service Overview

Our qualified Pest Control Service Technicians know their stuff and understand your business (they will already have the experience of similar operations), and carry out regular site visits (monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly) throughout the year. They will identify and eliminate all pest risks – long before they pose any significant threat.

The service includes:

  • Comprehensive, regular site inspection and identification of pest problems and potential risks
  • Detailed reports of every visit includes observations, notes of treatment carried out and recommended actions
  • Compliance with applicable legislation
  • Free advice and quotes if you require changes in service

Like all Wellington Pest Management agreements, the service will be tailored to your businesses particular requirements.

Property Managers and Landlords: Wellington Pest Management are specialists in providing pest management services for the Property Management Sector. We work hard at providing the balance between the Tenants and Landlords/Property Managers needs and requirements.

Being in business provides you with dozens of daily challenges. Getting rid of pests and keeping them out shouldn’t be one of them.