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Bee Nest Removal Wellington

Honey and Bumble Bees are social insects and live in nests or colonies. They are very important as flowering plant pollinators. Bees are not aggressive, and do not search for something to attack. Instead, they are defensive and will attack only whatever seems to threaten the nest or colony.

Bees need ‘permanent quarters’ to rear their young. Attics, hollow walls and sub-floors of buildings are perfect for this. It is here were people come into contact with the hive entrance. The ‘Guard Bees’ become very aggressive and attempt to sting the person interfering with the nest.

The normal reaction to Bee stings is local pain for several minutes followed by swelling at the sting site which subsides in a few hours. First aid consists of removing the stinger with a finger nail without squeezing the venom sac. A cold compress will reduce pain and swelling. If the reaction is severe, consult a doctor immediately as death can occur from severe allergic reactions.

Bee Control Process

To treat a Bees nest you must first find its approximate location, as they might only be foraging on plants and flowers in the immediate area and are not really an issue. Usually the nest is not visible but a stream or concentration of Bees to and from a point indicates the presence of a nest.

For swarms that are easily accessible and not within a structure you could try a local Beekeeper or the Wellington Beekeepers Association. They may be interested in removing the Bees.

If practicable, we may be able to successfully remove and relocate bee swarms without harming the nest. But normally the nest is within a cavity, such as a wall void of a roof line, so we are limited to using a pressurized pesticide application wearing protective clothing to exterminate the nest.

Our Technicians will advise you regarding anything that is attracting Bees into the area.

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Each step is important in eradicating the Pest… and to prevent future infestations.