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Bird Control Wellington

The three main pest birds in New Zealand are pigeons, starlings and sparrows. They are a nuisance pest in both urban and rural areas. It should be noted that many people do not regard birds as pests and attempting to solve a bird problem yourself, particularly by killing the birds, is likely to lead to problems with neighbours and animal welfare groups.

In rural settings, they can cause economic grain and feed loss. They find areas of spilled silage, railroad yards, and mills, all of which are attractive feeding and nesting sites. In urban settings, pest birds serve as reservoirs for several viral and parasitic diseases. They deface and accelerate the deterioration of buildings with their acidic droppings, block drains and gutters causing flooding and timber decay, their droppings are often a slip hazard when wet, and they cause a nuisance to the building occupier by nest activity and noise (usually at 5am in the morning!).

Bird Control Process

The most important step in bird control work is the survey which is used to determine species, population size, location of the problem, habitat, activity patterns, public relations issues, equipment necessary, etc (call us initially for advice and recommendations over the phone).

Many chemical and non-chemical means of eliminating or repelling birds exist, most of which have limited long term effectiveness. Exclusion involves structural modifications which prevent roosting or entrance to a building. Options include metal spikes, shock tape, bird netting, repellent gels and monofilament wire. Sound and scare devices may not be suitable in an urban area and usually only gives temporary relief until the birds get used to such devices. Trapping is often slow and labour intensive. Narcotic baits and poisoning can be effective in the right situations. Shooting, the final alternative, has limited application for obvious reasons, but can be effective in significantly reducing population numbers.

Wellington Pest Management is experienced with many different urban bird pest problems, and can give you advice and suitable options depending on your situation and budget.

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Each step is important in eradicating the Pest.. and to prevent future infestations.