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Wood Borer (Bora or Woodworm) Treatments Wellington

With over 10,000 species worldwide, wood-boring beetle’s primary function in nature is to help reduce dead wood to a form that can be utilised as plant food.

Common House Borer and Two-tooth Borer are the two most significant wood boring insect pests in residential and commercial buildings. Occasionally we are called in to investigate a Native Termite issue.

In interior areas (door frames, window sills, architraves etc) the damage is usually superficial and is important only where exit holes mark the finished surfaces. In structural areas (timbers in the roof-void and sub-floor), Borer damage is of far more importance. In buildings where heavy infestations are not treated, the strength and stability of the building may be affected.

Borer Treatment Process

Structural timbers in the roof-void and sub-floor are treated using our medium pressure spraying system (saturation spraying) with approved timber preservatives. For structural Borer we recommend the use of the timber preservative Pestbor (also called Timbor). It’s unique physical and chemical properties make it an effective and long lasting method to protect homes and commercial buildings from wood destroying organisms. It won’t break down over time like most organic compound and is also effective for the treatment of fungi and rot. Best of all it is virtually odourless and in nearly all cases you can be in the building whilst it is being treated.

Cosmetic surfaces that are varnished, painted or oiled (doors, sills, skirtings, weatherboards etc) will not allow the Borer chemical to penetrate into the timbers unless these barriers are stripped back to bare. It is recommended that the injection of existing ‘Borer exit holes’ with a Borer injector be undertaken to significantly slow-down spread. ‘Bug Bombs’ only give limited control of the adult beetle on the wing, and are of little use for long term control.

N.B. Sub-floor Wood Borer should preferably be commercially treated before any insulation in the basement is installed. However there are other control options available if the house is permanently insulated.

We are one of New Zealand’s leading Borer treatment specialists. Our qualified Borer expert can offer free advice, site inspections and an accurate quote. The treatments are fully guaranteed with a certificate provided for the buildings records.

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Each step is important in eradicating the Pest… and to prevent future infestations.