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Flies Pest Control Wellington

Flies are rapid developers from egg to adult (in ideal conditions this process can take as little as 7-10 days). Flies are general feeders, being attracted to a wide variety of substances from excrement to human foods. Flies excrete and regurgitate food whenever they come to rest.

Flies are not only a nuisance in your home but can be of serious concern in a food business. House Flies have been shown to harbor over 100 different kinds of disease causing pathogens, many of which are associated with filth.

Fly Management (one or more of the following steps)

Identification. This is the key which will tell you the species and the larval habitat and adult habits.

Breeding Sites. Involves advice about where they might be coming from and removal or elimination of attractants, such as rubbish, organic matter and animal faeces.

Mechanical. Involves exclusion by the use of insect screens, tight fitting windows and doors, air curtains, as well as the use of zappers and ULV light traps.

Insecticides. Approved pesticide application to the interior and exterior of the building, aerosols, ULV misting or the use of bait materials.

Residential and Domestic Fly Control. Wellington Pest Management’s popular service will significantly reduce the number of Flies in your home but cannot totally eliminate them. Although the chemicals used have good repellancy properties they will not stop all Flies coming inside. We have a range of approved insecticides for fly control that we apply to their resting sites (ceilings, window sills, entrances, tops of the walls etc). Upon contact with the insecticide the Flies do not ‘drop dead’, but it usually takes several hours to kill the insect.

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Each step is important in eradicating the Pest… and to prevent future infestations.