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Pantry Pest Control Wellington

Stored Product Pests (Pantry Pests) greatest importance is as pests of stored grains, damaging about 10% of the world¹s annual production but this may be as high as 30% in tropical and/or in developing nations. They are also a pest in residential homes, damaging and contaminating food in the pantry.

The beetles are the largest and most important group of stored product pests. The moths are the second most important group, followed by the mites, the flies and the lice.

Pantry Pest Control: SPI Control 6 Step Process

Prevention. Inspection of all incoming goods.

Good sanitation. Timely removal of infested products.

Proper storage. Cool dry areas stacked on pallets.

Stock rotation. Rotation out of the oldest stock first.

Ventilation. Keep the moisture content of the stock low with adequate ventilation.

Control. Periodic inspections of product and some form of control if necessary.

It is necessary to be certain that the insect you are encountering is a SPI. If it is, then it must be determined which one because they vary widely in their food preferences and living habits. Wellington Pest Management are experienced in stored product insect recognition, identification, eradication and prevention.

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Each step is important in eradicating the Pest… and to prevent future infestations.