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Possum Pest Control Wellington

Possums were introduced to New Zealand in 1837 from Australia. They live in a wide range of habitats including forests, farmlands and urban gardens. Possums are nocturnal creatures that come out approximately an hour after dark and return to their dens just before sunrise.

Possums pose a serious threat to our native forests. They devastate our forests by eating the food of our native birds and damaging newly formed plants which prevents new growth.

Possums are also a major threat to our economy. They carry and spread the disease bovine tuberculosis (Tb) to cattle and deer herds.

In urban situations Possums damage gardens and shrubs. Possums often disturb us humans in residential homes through the night, as they nest under floors, in ceilings, walls, sheds and unused chimneys of buildings.


Possum Pest Control: 3 Main Methods

Kill traps.

There are two types of traps for safe use around homes, the Timms Trap and the Possum Master.

Live capture traps.

Before you set the trap, careful consideration needs to be given as to how the animal will be killed once caught.


Bait stations are an effective method of distributing poison baits to Possums. We recommend Philproof or Kilmore brands. Make sure the bait station is set correctly and safely (kept away from pets and children).

At Wellington Pest Management we are experienced in looking for the signs of Possums, using the appropriate control methods most suited to your needs, and advising and blocking access points to the building, ensuring you and your family are safe and comfortable.

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Each step is important in eradicating the Pest… and to prevent future infestations.