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Spider Pest Control Wellington

Wherever their food is available, Spiders are likely to be found. All Spiders are predators, feeding mainly on other insects and other smaller Spiders.

The best-known Spiders are those which commonly live in and around houses, for example, Daddy Longlegs, Garden and Flax Spiders, and White-tailed Spiders. Most Common Spiders hunt only at night and tuck themselves away behind furniture, wardrobes and curtains during the day.

Spider Pest Control Process

Approved chemical treatment applied to areas frequented by Spiders or where webs are built. These areas include the corners of windows and doors, behind furniture, tops of walls and wardrobes, under eaves and around entrance ways. Application of a residual chemical powder is useful when applied to the basement and ceiling space to kill any nests in these areas.

Management of Spiders includes ensuring good ventilation of the building, as Spiders like moisture. Adult Spiders, any webbing and the egg sacs can be removed with a good vacuum cleaner.

As Spiders are nocturnal, it can be difficult to know how serious the problem is. We can locate, identify, eradicate and ensure you Spider problem is safely solved.

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Each step is important in eradicating the Pest.. and to prevent future infestations.