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Wasp Nest Removal Wellington

New Zealand provides a favourable habitat for Wasps because of our warm summers and mild winters. With no natural predators and a plentiful food supply they compete with our native birds and insects. They are social insects and live in often large nests or colonies in banks, under tree stumps and in the basement or roofs of houses.

Wasps are able to inflict painful stings repeatedly without dieing. They often attack without provocation and are a serious threat in homes, workplaces, schools, and recreational areas such as parks, forests and beaches. Wasps pose a real danger to people who are allergic to the sting.

Wasp Nest Eradication Process

To eradicate a Wasp nest you must find its approximate location, as any Wasps seen may only be foraging on plants or organic matter in the area. Although the nest is not usually visible, a steady stream of Wasps in a straight line to and from a point indicates the presence of a Wasp nest.

It is not recommended to treat Wasp nests yourself due to the dangers of being attacked. Do not use petrol or diesel as this agitates the wasps more and usually does not reach the nest.

A poor attempt to eradicate the Wasp nest yourself, can result in a nasty attack. Wellington Pest Management’s service is guaranteed to kill the nest and prevent further use of that nest for years to come.

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Each step is important in eradicating the Pest… and to prevent future infestations.